Thoughts behind the Lost Soul video / by lisa shin

I suppose it all started with a tank of liquid nitrogen, leftover from a Refinery 29 shoot. I was really longing to create some motion work that would be both beautiful and functional; so it made sense to bring together the eerie fog from the tank and the idea of cooling properties in skincare products, to create a mesmerizing series of images. With DP Derin and stylist Megumi, we were able to execute this project despite the few resources we had. It was undoubtedly a stripped down set, but it didn't matter, because the elements were so simple and beautiful on their own.

Beauty is both surface and deep. It speaks to our psyche about how we feel and who we are. It is our faces, our bodies, our skin. We are all formed in water and born to the cold air, out from the darkness and into the light. From birth, we are perceived to be so obviously pure on through to youth, and then puberty hits, and that purity somehow fades. It is the beginning of a process to accept (or judge) ourselves and others in the bodies given to us. There is so much latent power there, in that awkward wrestling. We get through it, sometimes it's hard and cold and sometimes sultry smooth. We get through and suddenly (it seems) aging is upon us, and we remember we are all human again. It is a beautiful journey, nonetheless, and never should there be an end in sight. As we change and evolve and embrace what we become in birth, in life, in old age and death - the fragile beauty of humanity forever remains. In whatever small way possible, I hope the Lost Soul Video can remind us of this.